• MyPlanet Living Center is a MyPlanet project. MyPlanet is a non profit organization which supports projects which are good for the planet and humanity.
  • MyPlanet Living Center (MPLC) operates shared spaces showcasing all the latest and greatest for home remodeling and building. Each partner manufacturer operates their own space independently paying MPLC a small revenue share which covers the rent as well as maintenance, staffing and marketing costs. Each space is operated independently in terms of the finances. Any amount left over from the revenue share gets reinvested back into the specific center.
  • Home owners and trade professionals enjoy a unique experience, because at MPLC you can see all the leading products so you can purchase all you need in one space for your remodeling or building project. The great advantage is that you will be dealing directly with the manufacturers creating the best possible value in the market, because you will be purchasing at factory direct prices. Great amenities will make visiting an MPLC space a true joy. These amenities include food and drink, an indoor playground and well-being area.
  • MPLC is offering a completely unique solution combining the best showroom spaces in America with great suppliers from around the world with tremendous value and a joyful visit. We designed MPLC to provide the best possible value to homeowners as well as trade professionals.